Custom Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Custom Cannabis Solutions

We love a challenge. When you make custom products, built to meet the needs of highly-specific markets, you have to love a challenge. We’ve kept a close eye on the emerging cannabis business and the challenges that it creates. Traveling to the MoCannBizCon + Expo gave us an opportunity to talk with many of you face to face about your specific needs and how we at Custom Powder Systems can help.

The Two Major Challenges Facing The Cannabis Industry

Those of you in the cannabis industry already know the problems that need solutions. For us, the conference was an opportunity to meet with speakers from government relations, industry groups, and seed-to-sale businesses to find out more. The most important thing that we learned is that there are a lot of unknowns.


One challenge for business owners is that regulation won’t be happening on the federal level. This means that your budding business can’t turn to FDA regulations.

Instead, in most cases, the individual states are handling the regulatory load. For many business owners that we spoke to, this leads to a lot of confusion and leaves unanswered questions.


We also learned that many business owners don’t yet know what they need to help them get their products to market.

For example, we spoke to producers who were still trying to come up with the best ways to extract everything that they need from their plants. They’ve been resorting to slow, inefficient processes that work well enough for testing, but running a business requires that your methods scale. Many were at a loss when the discussion turned to increasing output to meet the demands of the wider market.

The Custom Powder Solution

What we took away from the conference was a revelation for us.

We are a company that builds custom, novel solutions to difficult problems. State regulations will, almost certainly, be less demanding than those at the federal level.

For us, these unknowns are not obstacles, only challenges. We have helped companies of all sizes meet or exceed their production demands, and we can do the same for the cannabis industry.

We work in a world where the status quo isn’t good enough. We don’t expect you to take our existing products and make them work for you.

We want you to tell us your problems, and then let us go to work designing a solution. From grow cycle management to defoliation, extraction to storage, we are here to build you what you need for success.

When you are ready to take the next step in expanding your cannabis business, give us a call.

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