Finding Inspiration through Da Vinci

Custom Powder Finding Inspiration Through Da Vinci

From a 21st century perspective, one might look at the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci and conclude he “stumbled upon the inevitable.”  His original concepts, ranging from tanks to parachutes, appear “obvious” in hindsight.  But Leonardo wasn’t working with hindsight. All he had was the limited resources of 15th century Europe and his curious mind.  A plaque outside a traveling da Vinci exhibit notes that Leonardo “lived his life as if he were on a quest to learn everything there was to know.” 

Finding the Art in Science  

At Custom Powder Systems, we devote several hours each week asking “what if?”  What if…there’s an even safer way to do this so the end user can be confident the product is pure?  What if…there’s a way to increase efficiency just 4% to get the product to the consumer faster? What if…there are 94 other ways to do this we haven’t even thought of?  There’s an art to science, and there’s science in art. We are always on the lookout for elegant solutions to challenges our industry faces each day.

The great Leonardo da Vinci was often referred to as the original “renaissance man.”  A term that has come to mean “a person of many talents.” Because of the uniqueness of our industry, we look for people who are not only highly skilled in their own field, but who also look for possibilities where others see none.

Where is your “da Vinci?” 

If you had to point to something in your personal or professional life where you could apply a little “da Vinci,” what might it be?  That question can seem overwhelming.  

Suddenly you imagine 173 different areas you’ve always wanted to improve.  But what might happen if you begin with… one? Challenge yourself (or your staff) to identify just one area where things can be improved.  Or done differently. Or… done in a way never thought possible.  

In da Vinci’s time, the sheer audacity of even considering leaping from a cliff and gently floating to Earth must have seemed incredible.  Whatever you come up with will likely seem borderline crazy. In fact, it might not work.  

Many of da Vinci’s ideas would not be perfected, or even attempted until long after his death.  But don’t let that dissuade you. You’re not creating a helicopter or an underwater diving suit.  Your challenge is to find a new way to do one thing. By breaking one small pattern, neurologists have shown you can start a new cycle of thinking, which can lead to another…and another.

Let Custom Powder Systems Be Your Muse

For us, you don’t need to look any further than our name: Custom Powder Systems.  We put “custom” in our name because what you need is going to be different than what the next customer needs. Customizing is our moment to find our da Vinci. It’s the time that we sit down, look at the resources available to us, and say… “what if?”

We hope you can find your own da Vinci inspiration and that we have the opportunity to help you find a creative solution to your next challenge.

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