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Historically, production processes that involve blended or fragile products going through a vertical drop have required special care, yet problems have continued to vex manufacturers and suppliers alike – until now.

The Custom Powder Systems EZ-Down system provides gentle and controlled mass flow during gravity material transfers without damage, degradation, or segregation of the product. It can also be used to start and stop product flow intermittently by inflating and deflating the bladder during the discharge process, which is key to the system’s success.

When used with blended powders, the flow control capability of this system eliminates free-fall-induced product segregation that is commonly encountered in all types of facilities that deal with dry material handling. When used with friable whole products, such as uncoated tablets, the system eliminates chipping or other typical handling damages caused by vertical drops.

This system greatly reduces product loss and maintains the blend of a product from the first package filled to the last, saving production time and costs while improving productivity and profitability.

During operation, compressed air inflates the bladder that pinches the lay-flat tubing, preventing product flow. With the assistance of a vacuum pump, a blower then draws pressurized air from the bladder at a slow, controlled rate, moving the product down to the discharge point. Finally, re-inflating the bladder stops the product flow by gently closing the lay-flat discharge tubing.

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The reason behind the name “Custom” Powder.

We do NOT specialize in pre-built systems from an assembly line.

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