CPS Celebrates National Hug Your Cat Day

CPS Hug Your Cat

There is a long-standing tradition between engineers and their love of cats. Maybe it’s a fascination with how they always seem to land on their feet. With June 4th being National Hug Your Cat Day, it’s the ideal time to celebrate cats, engineers, and the relationship that they have together.

Our company’s President, Mac McIntosh, is awfully fond of his own feline friend, Jessie, and he’s not alone. “An Engineer’s Guide to Cats” is a tongue-in-cheek take on explaining why cats get the love that they do.

CPS - Mac & Jessie
“Mac” and his beloved feline friend Jessie.

If you happen to be a cat lover (and really, who isn’t, at least to some degree?) then there are some resources that you’ll need.

The first comes from Mac Delaney. Engineering for Cats: Improve the Life of Your Pet Through 10 Ingenious Projects is an entertaining look at problem-solving life with Fluffy.

Adafruit has an entire blog category dedicated to Cats of Engineering. Whether it’s helping to solder together a circuit board, or working with an Arduino controller, the collection is sure to remind you of your ideal working partner’s vital role.

CPS - Hug Your Cat Day - Cat of Engineering

Finally, All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome does an awesome job of explaining AS behaviors through the lens of a cat’s actions. Whether it’s sensitive hearing, scampering from one place to another, or a particular habit when it comes to eating, our furry friends can help us understand our human friends a little bit better.

So on this National Hug Your Cat Day, make sure to take time to do just that. And then thank them for spending hours with you while you work on your next passion project. They’re family too, after all.

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