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Aseptic Isolator

Aseptic Isolator Basic Features

The Aseptic Isolator is designed to the challenges and market requirements for low OEL containment systems in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical devices and Radiopharmaceutical. This technology is providing a safe working environment addressing both ergonomic and safety concerns for operators in research, manufacturing, testing and handling hazardous materials. From aseptic applications, an environment capable of delivering a confident Class 100 (ISO 5) or better working environment. This equipment can be portable or stationary or grouped to other isolators to form a “production system” or complete containment solution. Isolators are designed to be tested and certified by their respective industry standards. Our experienced staff has over 50 years of containment experience. They serve on many professional societies’ boards and standards committees to keep in pace with new technology and industry requirements.

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C Drum Isolator 8367
Hazardous Chemicals
isolator isolated
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Weigh Dispense
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Aseptic Isolator Process

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Additional Information

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