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Custom Design/Build Systems

Custom Equipment Whether you are trying to work around an un-ideal space, need to modify outdated equipment, or can’t find a machine currently on the market that does exactly what you need it to, we’ve got you covered. Our business philosophy is to design products that exactly match our clients’ needs. We have standard designs but seldom build a standard unit. This is the ‘Custom’ in Custom Powder Systems. And, as a vertically-integrated company, we can handle every step of the process, making your life much less complicated.

Automated Systems

If you want to keep your operations streamlined, you need machines that work efficiently through your process flow.

At CPS, we not only build equipment that is suited to your specific needs, but we can also design flexible systems that effectively connect the various parts of your process together.

Our individual products work together seamlessly, and we can help integrate them into your existing systems or create new ones. This provides you with the freedom of automation and the peace of mind that all parts of your process are operating cohesively.


Personalized Solutions

You might already have some ideas in mind about what you need to achieve your operational goals, or you might be stumped trying to figure it all out… Either way, we’re here to help!

When you work with CPS, we will take the time to explore exactly what you’re trying to accomplish and apply our extensive knowledge base and experience to find your optimal solutions.

So, if you need something a little non-traditional that you can’t find pre-designed in a catalog, let us help you create something new. Because we don’t just think outside the box, we build the box.

Real Case Studies

metal powder packaging

Metal Powder Packaging

Pyrophoric Material Dispensing System Custom Powder Systems’s Innovative Metal Powder Packaging System Custom Powder Systems, Springfield, Missouri, has proudly introduced its latest innovation in powder

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R1 SAW Module 2 Front Corner

See the SAW Difference

Transfer Error Free. Smaller Space. Increased Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Serialization. We believe there’s no reason for new DSCDA serialization rules to slow you

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